This is great advice, especially in the technology field. It goes without saying you must be able to see a problem from various points of view in order to decide on the best solution. Also, the best solution today might not be the best solution tomorrow, and that’s important to see, too. As we grow and change over time, so should our opinions. I read somewhere that it’s good to look back on old code and solutions written in the past. In doing so, we are able to instantly see improvements to that code or solution that we probably couldn’t see then. That is a result of our increased knowledge-base and experience. If you look on your past solution and can’t see any improvements, it means one of two things:

  1. Your code was, and is, perfect.
  2. You haven’t been learning much.

Of those two, I think we can easily deduce which is more likely.

Interested in Computer Science, education and world domination.

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