Thanks for this! I found it quite eye-opening, and agree with the three main points discussed.

  1. Die for the ambition of victory — At times we tend to think to fall victim to our own expectation of how something will turn out. So much so, that when they don’t go as planned, we are even more disappointed than if we went in with zero expectations. I think this is especially true for romantic relationships. People often go in with expectations about how things will turn out, or how a person will react to some kind gesture, and when something goes wrong, they find themselves depressed but only because they were comparing the reality against their idea of what it would be like. Going in with no expectations frees us from the falling victim to ourselves when things go wrong.
  2. Dying for the techniques and knowledge — As humans, we tend to be creatures of habit. We like a system and some kind of order. We have things we do and ways we do them and seldom do we deviate from those. This can be a double-edged sword, since we tend to reject different ways of doing things on the sole basis of it being different or not the norm. This can truly limit us, since we would never know if a new technique exists. We must not allow ourselves to become so set in our ways that we deny trying new things.
  3. Dying to the past and the future — We have all been guilty of focusing too much on the past or future at some point in our lives. We either lament on the past so much so that we become blind to the present, or we think too far ahead and miss out on the here and now. History is our greatest teacher, but if we become fixated on what happened in the past then we will always be stuck there. Sometimes, we look back at bad things that occurred and never truly move on. Similarly, if we are too focused on what the future might hold, we may miss out on what’s right in front of us. Letting yourself “be” means to focus on what is happening now and let that dictate your future.

Interested in Computer Science, education and world domination.

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