Personally, I welcome the idea of such technology making its way into everyday life. Heck, sign me up now. Imagine going out for an ill-advised couple of drinks on a weeknight, and having a sensor inside you, constantly monitoring changes in your blood’s alcohol content, then alerting you just before you’re reaching “hangover territory”. Two simple tasks a device like this would be able to accomplish is tracking sleeping patterns, and effectively waking you up at the most optimal time, or even a customized, preset time. One thought that arises would probably be tracking of individuals in case of a missing person or possible kidnapping. If the device can be used to constantly feed the whereabouts of any given individual to some endpoint, then who would have access to such an endpoint? Who would be granted access rights to be able to query for an individual’s current location? Law enforcement? A third-party firm? Would certain members of government be exempted from this monitoring, except in special cases? The privacy concerns are, of course, very real; however the benefits do seem to outweigh the drawbacks. I’d say the fate of something like this is dependent on trusting that the majority of humans are not intrinsically immoral, which, at least at this time in my life, I do believe to be true.

Interested in Computer Science, education and world domination.

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