It’s no surprise that consistent exercise would decrease mortality rate. A body in motion stays in motion, right? I like your routine. Mine involves 3 days of weight lifting for an hour each day, working my legs, chest and arms, and back, respectively. I also try to play basketball at least once per week, for about 2–2.5 hours. I find if I do this same routine, but play basketball more than once per week, my body feels over-taxed. So, I am slowly learning about my body and its limits. Enough can’t be said about the psychological effects of exercise, especially when done first thing in the morning. After a good work session in the gym, I feel accomplished and ready to take on the day. I feel as though I can take on any task. I just finished a grueling workout routine, so nothing else I encounter in my day job can stop me. Given my experience, I would definitely recommend physical exercise to any of my friends struggling with confidence.

Interested in Computer Science, education and world domination.

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